You want great original country, you got it! KG Williams is gaining popularity with his humble, energetic personality and the ability to bring to the stage a sound unfamiliar, yet refreshing.  The passion of music and the ability to create collide in something only experiencing for yourself can explain!  From the wholesome goodness of "Everything", to the throw down style of "Island Wild", you will definitely find a hook that will stay with you.

  Many agree and ask how he creates such genuine songs. "I don't spend the time I should writing a new song everyday or every week,  but when I do write I feel as if it isn't even me!" KG Says, as he glares with conviction.  "I truly believe God has a direct channel to the pen in my hand. I'm just a vessel for the time being!"  You have it folks,  modesty is at the wheel with pride taking a back seat.  Just listen to the music this home grown Texan writes, it's chalked full of what matters in life with just enough wild side!  


  His first full length album was released in January 2017.  Instead of sticking with a consistent theme of songs throughout, KG decided to take the path less traveled and give his listeners a bit of a backroad to his heart and soul.  

  As a family man with a beautiful wife and three boys, KG Williams understands the true meaning of "Being Blessed" and that's why one of his joys is the prayer him and his family share in the morning. "Dear Lord, thank you for another day, keep us healthy and happy, and keep us in the right direction!"  After all Jesus Christ is at the center of their life together, and he is proud to share that with the world!