KG Williams - Press Kit



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40 Miles south of Houston and 60 miles from the Gulf of Mexico you will find the hometown of a star in the making.
Yes, Needville Texas' very own KG Williams has his sights on standing with the greats in Texas Country.
A quiet, Christian, Country upraising, mixed with a rambling soul, KG has been writing, composing and performing some of the best Texas Country Music around.  It didn't take long after the release of his first 3 song EP, mid 2015 for folks to catch a huge whiff of something Original and come running for more. Within the first week of releasing an amateur GoPro video of "Island Wild" 16,000 people took the time to watch and almost 600 decided to share it with others on Social Media.  Island Wild made such an impact on the Region that the phone started ringing off the hook to get this music live in their venues.  The First Annual Wild Game and Wine Camo Festival, Held in Bay City TX, decided to make KG Williams their Headliner in January of 2016.  He then performed time and time again with the Texas Legend, Larry Joe Taylor, in Spring and Fall festivals of Matagorda.  With a brand new album released in January 2017, "Here for the Country", KG is ramping things up with a Radio Tour to find his way into the ears of many more fans.  This is just the beginning for the Brand New Artist and he continues to play and please his fans with a humble heart and gracious attitude, making him a preferred act to all the local venues! Hopefully you choose to welcome KG Williams into your hearts and you will be glad you did!  Thank you for the time spent with us today and God Bless!